Our Celebrities:

Many celebrities patronise at The Misbah such as:

Flinoe Jones (88C): “Around Wales with Elinor” What a wonderful evening!
David Bellamy: “Great food, Great weleome”,
Mark Labbett (The Chase’s ITV)
Kate Humble {Humble by Nature, BBC)
Shirley-Ann Field // Catherine Finch // Judy Murvay
Dave Edmunds: The best! Thank youl
The Darkness {Dan Hawkins): “Best place in Wales, Best night of my life, Thank you.”
Nick Grine {Leeders Farm Studio Norfolk): “Tried Miah’s special dish, it was awesome.”
Kate Brine {Leeders Farm Studio Norfolk) “Always the best! Thank you” Mark Ruebery: “Fantastic”
Sunge Pain: “Best birthday party ever”
Marah bond: “Nice and hot. Thank youl”
The Beta Band: “Very fine indeed. Two thumbs upi*
Matthews MLR Band: “Dilicious, great service will definitely visit again. Rock + Roll”
Heaven & fell: “Always come back to Misboh. it Rock”
ASH: (Charlotte Hatherley) Fantastic Thank you xx
Black Sabbath (Heaven & Hell) “Always come back to Mishah It Rock’s”
Ronnie James Dio {Black Sabbath) “My first indians”
REM: “Stupendousily good curry”.
Mott the Hoople: “Very nice meat”
Shaldn Stevens: “Excellent”
Focus (Holand): “Highly spiritual food of highest quafity... Thanx”
Krasse: “Fantastic, best curry ever”
Jublee Band: Tt was fke a symphony in my mouth*
Ollie Pearce {Light Parades): “I couldn’t believe the curry that in my mouth!”
Daniel Hopkins (Light Parades): “Loved it, but my friend Ollie loved it more than | did II”
Mark Owen: (Take That) “Thank you very much, nice music”.
Judas Priest: “Wil be back”.
KT Tunstall // Spice Giels {f The Corrs {/ Donna Summer f/f Julian Lennon The Bluetones // The Charlatans // Coldplay // Oasis // Bob Geldof // Big Country // Super gvass // Novaster Stindred {/ Queen // The Amorettes // Thunder // Simple Minds // Slaves to Gravity // Heavy Metal Bands Manic Street Preachers // The Prodaimers // The Maccabees // Catatonia // Kasabian Azalea // Awesome Band // The Sails // The Pigeon
Anoushka Shankar: “The food was lovely!” The food was Sureia, Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khan: The master of dassical music
Ustad Zalde Hussain: {The Masters in Tabla) musical producer, film actor and composer.
Hariprasad Chaurasia: (The masters in Indian flute} He has coflaborated with several western musicians including John MeLaughiin, Jan Garbarek, and Ken Laube
Anindo Chatterjee {Tabia) // Shivaumar Sharma {(Santur) / / Gianni Ricchi2z2i {Vichitra Vina) Satamat AN Khan // Sharafat Al’ Khan // Shafqat All Khan // Fazal Qureshi // De N Ramani 2a Mohiuddin Dagar // Shruti Sadatikar // Padma Taiwaikar lurat Khan (Star) // Budhaditya Mukherjee (Sitar)
De L, Subramaniam The masters of Violin
Wick Faldo: “Excefient*,
Ryan Giggs // Lee Sharp
Lord David Steel (House of Lords) “Great Lamb Passanda”.
Peter Snape MP {House of Commons) Again! “Steel Excellent”.
Malcom Bruce {House of Commons) “Very Pleasant”.
Eric Pickles MP (House of Commons) A well balanced and wonderful meaf.
Arthur Scargill: “Thanks for a first dass meal & excellent service”
Sie Alan Cox. KB, CBE: “A wonderfully deserved piaee in the top 100, Monmouth should be very proud”!
Pat Chapman: Founder of the Curry Club and author of the ‘Good Curry Guide’ {And many more too many te mention)